Frequently Asked Questions

If you have visited temple in the past and have done any transactions the chances of your email ID already in the system is high. So you can use the Reset/Forgot Password link to try your email ID and see if that email ID is in our system. If none of your email ID's worked please go ahead and register a new account and start using the system.

To register online please click Register link in the top menu section of the website. Enter your personal details including a valid Email id, Address and password. Upon clicking on Create an Account button, an email will be sent to the address specified during the registration process. Please check the email and click on the link within the email to complete the activation process. If you have any difficulties in registering online please contact us by filling in the contact/support form.

Yes. It is recommended that a single family share the same username and password. This will aid in getting a consolidated Tax statement (if applicable) at the end of the year for all the family transactions.

An account is locked if the user tries to login more than 3 times with the wrong credentials. Please wait for 30 minutes before retrying to login again. If this issue continues please contact by filling in the contact/support form.

Click on Login link and within the login page, click on Reset/Forgot Password link. In the ensuing page, enter the email on file and click Reset Password button. You will receive an email with instructions for resetting the password. Please follow the instructions within the email to set a new password.

Click on Login link in the top menu and login using your credentials. Once logged in, click on My Account link on the left nav and Change My Password to change your password.

Click on Change my Login Email Id link within My Accounts section. Enter the New Login Email, Current and the New Password fields and click the Change Login button.

Thank you for your interest to know more about temple events. Please click here to join our mailing list by registering your email.

KSHT Temple store does not save credit card information. The transactions are handled over secure SSL technology and handled by an authorized payment gateway provider.

Please ensure that the credit card is valid and the address entered matches the billing address. If you are still experiencing issues please visit the Temple to do the transaction. If unable to visit the Temple in person, please fill in the contact/support form.

Devotees can donate online once registered on the website. Click on Donations link in the top menu and choose the product for which wishing to make a donation. Click on Add to Cart and follow the steps to complete the donation process.

The donation categories are listed under the Donations menu item.

You can check the history of the pledges made by clicking the "My Pledges" link in the left navigation under the section of My Account.

A registered user can access their transaction/donations summary under My Orders & My Donations available under My Account section. My Orders shows all transactions of all orders and My Donations show orders for products under Donations category.

Since KSHT is a Non-profit organization, many employers will match their employees charitable contributions. You can find more information in our temple website

Donations made to KSHT can qualify towards tax deductions. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Any contribution made towards purchase of Books, CDs and food does not qualify for tax deductions. Any payment made towards the classes conducted in the temple also does not qualify for tax deduction. All the devotees who have registered in the temple will get an annual tax statement for the transactions made in the financial year if their tax-deductible contributions exceed $200.

You can donate by Tan, Man and Dhan. You can do physical seva by volunteering at the temple. Benefit spiritually by using the temple services. And donate financially monetarily or donating items to the temple kitchen or puja needs. For more information please stop by temple registration desk or email to

KSHT is very thankful towards all the donations. Yes we do offer some donor benefits based on the donation category. Please do visit the Temple Donation Benefits page for the detailed list of benefits that donors can avail.

KSHT highly recommends that users register online. Registration offers several benefits including being able to donate online, able to view donations and pledges online and able to view tax statement at the end of the year. You can also do a one-time donation at the Temple registration desk without doing online registration.

KSHT provides Annadaan on every Saturday during lunch and also during all major festivals to all the devotees. Annadaan can be found under Pujas menu item. Select the desired date you would like to perform the Annadaan seva. Follow the checkout process to complete the donation. You can also pay at the Temple using check or cash. All Annadaan sponsors will get a special Hanuman Coin and have Archana performed in their names to Lord Hanuman.

Devotees can offer any dishes as Prasadam, as long as they are purely Vegetarian and do not contain Onion or Garlic.

Please click on Pujas menu and choose the Private Pujas option to see the listing of pujas available to be performed either at the Temple or at a venue chosen by the devotee.

Scheduling puja's at the temple or at home consists of 3 steps:

Step 1: Contact the desired priest of your choice from the list of priests to fix the date, time and venue for the puja
Step 2: Submit the online puja request form available here
Step 3: Wait for confirmation from the temple usually within 24 hours. In case you did not get a confirmation please call the temple hotline.
Note: The temple will make the best effort to allocate the priest of your choice. However for any unforeseen reason that is not possible, the temple will allocate another priest to perform the puja.

The procedure to avail priest services at home is same as above. The list of all the puja services offered at home can be found here

The key difference is the place where the puja will be performed. Puja's services at the temple are performed in closed temple room that has limited capacity. Puja's services at Home are performed at the convenience of the puja sponsor. In addition, there are certain services such as Archana, vahana puja that will only be performed at the temple.

For any priest service not listed on the website, please call the priest of your choice to discuss your requirements. The priest will guide on the next steps.

Please send an email to ideally within 24 hrs of your decision to cancel the puja. Please include the date and time you booked the puja so that the temple can retrieve the information and cancel the puja.

Yes, cash and check are accepted form of payments. For payments to be made to the temple please place the payment in an envelope marked as KSHT and hand it over to the priest. For priest dakshina(gratuity), please pay to the priest directly after the puja service is completed.