Datta Kriya Yoga Workshop

Datta Kriya Yoga Workshop

Datta Kriya Yoga workshop will be conducted during Guru Mahotsav Celebrations
This sponsorship includes all the sessions.


The purpose of Datta Kriya Yoga(DKY) is to minimize bodily and mental afflictions and to improve single-pointed concentration. It is the science of meditation and the art of successful living. DKY involves Pranayamas (breathing control techniques to effectively enhance prana shakti or vital energy), Sahaaya Kriyas (supplementary subtle techniques), Nadi Shuddhi Vyayamas (gentle physical exercises, synchronized with breath) and Mudras (hand and finger gestures which enhance and redistribute prana shakti).

Benefits Of Datta Kriya Yoga with regular practice:
1. Stress Relief & Better Health.
2. Helps overcome mental worries, tensions. Afflictions etc. and withstand all kinds of turbulences in day-to-day life with great ease.
3. Makes a person broadminded and positive in outlook and sharpens intellect for quick and effective comprehension.
4. Enhances Concentration, memory power, mental stability and will power.
5. Helps attain higher levels of Meditation/Concentration leading to self-knowledge and spiritual progress.

[Thu Jul 4th - Sun Jul 7th] : $51

Classes Waiver/Release: I understand that any benefits derived from enrolling in this course depend upon the extent of my participation. I therefore accept full responsibility for the outcome and I willingly agree to follow all instructions and participate fully. I also agree that I will not disclose the content of this course to anyone. I declare that, I am physically and mentally able to participate in this program. By enrolling in this class, I agree to waive and release Datta Yoga Center (all branches) and Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple (KSHT) and their officers, trustees, volunteers and members, and all other persons participating in the program, or involved in planning or execution of the program, from all liability and/or claims including any injury to any member of my family or my property. If any member of family or any guest I bring into center damages property of DYC or KSHT, I agree to pay all required amounts to get such damage repaired to the satisfaction of DYC and KSHT.